Ancient Gods Were Aliens Or Fallen Angels?

Ancient Gods Aliens Or Fallen Angels

Ancient Gods were Aliens, fallen angels or both? If you read the mythology of ancient Greece, India or the myths of the Vikings then you realize that there must be some truth, within the legends! Gods were beings with super natural powers! Nephilim’s described in the Bible were referred to the Old Testament before Christianity. In Bible Nephilims were the children of the fallen angels and in mythology demigods were the children of the Gods and titans Many people believe these designations are simply different names for the same beings. However, this assumption is inaccurate. Main power of Zeus is the thunderbolt. He controlled thunder, lightning and rain. Thor the god of thunder, whom wielded a powerful hammer-weapon that would allow him to destroy his enemies and protect humanity from the giants who roamed the earth. Is that a coincidence or was an ancient technology? The videos below is about the angel myths of each ancient civilization and the gods who descended from the sky for any number of reasons, some of who allegedly mated with human women to create bloodlines, or created humans through bio-genetic experiments. The well-known enemy of Christianity Celsus wrote that in his time there were locations where anyone could meet and see Gods. Many researchers believe that ancient gods Greece were good Nephilim’s that tried to clear the planet from the Titans (Giants) and the bad Nephilim.

Ancient Gods Were Fallen Angels?

Were Ancient Gods Aliens? Video:

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