Asteroid Earth Collision: N.A.S.A PROJECT FY 2014

Asteroid Earth Collision, N.A.S.A PROJECT FY 2014

Asteroid Earth Collision: Humanity has always been worrying about cosmic collisions. The ambitious new project of NASA called N.A.S.A PROJECT FY 2014. The project contemplates the construction of a robotic system that will approach and will trap an asteroid

Later they will try to lead the asteroid safely in some solid Earth-Moon orbit, where astronauts will be able to visit and explore it! The plan may get more attention, and possibly more congressional approval, because of an asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere on Feb. 15, creating a fireball that streaked across the sky. The realization of this “crazy” idea requires (and includes) the best of what is likely to provide the scientific knowledge, leading technology, and of course the best human resources. The video below it shows with animation the whole enterprise and is really cool …

Asteroid Earth Collision: N.A.S.A PROJECT FY 2014

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