Buriram Attractions: Buriram Isaan Thailand

Buriram Attractions: Buriram Isaan Thailand Tips

A personal experience (attraction) in Buriram: From my trips to Thailand I knew already 5 years Suttaoit that she invited me to see the second marriage of her parents, a custom of Khmer that is exist for many years, so I follow her to Buriram

Buriram Attractions, TattooBuri Ram is 410 kilometers far from Bangkok, before a long time minorities of Khmer they came and they create villages in south east Thailand, cities like Surin, Sisakhet, Nagon Rahashima and Buriram is where the Khmers living in Thailand. Almost a thousand years ago the present- day Buri Ram area was evidently subdued to Khmer Empire as many ruins from that time are still visible there. The word Buri Ram means the town of happiness. The village that Suttaoit lives with her parents is 20 kilometers from the center of Buriram. I came here to watch with my own eyes the great costume of Khmer, (when you build a new home then you should build your life again), and this is the reason that the parents of Suttaoit they going to married for a second time. The mother and all of the women’s of the village they was pray and give offers to the spirits.

The men’s of the village the were busy with me, by making a tattoo of Khmer dragon with the tradition way of sticks, that it took 3 days of pain to finish, but when was finish I was finally one Khmer. But everything is ready for the big celebration and all of the people of the village, are welcome. For that reason, they was need, a lot of rice and meat. After the dinner they come all the monks from the temple to they pray for peace. A monk with white closes was the most imported men of the village. After 3 rounds around the house was time to put oil to the legs of the holy men, so he can step first to the house. I said thanks to Souttaoit, that she invited me there, because was one of the most strong experience that I had in south east Asia.

Buriram Attractions: Buriram Things To Do
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