Crop Circle Alien Face: Are Crop Circles Alien Messages?

Crop Circles Alien Messages

What are crop circles? Are crop circles alien messages or a way to have fun with people that love mystery? Or perhaps a technology of the Illuminati and the new world order to make humans believe in extraterrestrials? This video has recorder four UFO over a field, where the crop circle was found the next day. It shows that this complicate, but perfect designs are a form of communication. In the first part of the video the lady that hold the camera, assume that crop circles are forming, which are anyway made often in the area, after all, why she waited hidden behind the trees with the camera in hand…

Are crop circles alien messages? Perhaps the huge crop circle appeared on August 19, of 2001 in the fields adjacent to the largest telescope in Britain in Chilbolton, Hampshire gives the answer to that question. Initially, it seemed to not represent something, but after hours and when the sun tilted, the shadows created and reveal a face. Three days later, the next person appeared another crop circle. Nobody understood what it was, until someone noticed an incredible resemblance to the message that was sent into the space by NASA (astronomer Carl Seigo) and the Arecibo telescope of Puerto Rico in 1974! The message included information about the human race and the planet living. The (answer) appeared almost with the same symbolism, and next to a telescope, that was in itself extremely interesting … and strange! Careful examination revealed some differences between the original message and the “answer”. Seigo’s message in binary “language” of computers, has labeled the dominant elements that create life on Earth, the double helix of human DNA, the size of a normal human and that we live on the third planet of our solar system.

The message received by the crop circle, showed the same communication system, but differed as to the elements of life. In place of coal that is the essential element for life on Earth, there was … silicon as the most necessary item! In the place where was the human body in Seigo’s message, depicts a body with a disproportionately large head. The code DNA, reported with one additional human helix! The creature that had appeared with height 1.30 meters and it seemed that lived in the third, fourth and fifth planet of a solar system! The population of people reached the 21.3 billion people! The same pattern was captured a year earlier to another crop circle, exactly on the same place!

Crop Circle Alien Face: A few days before the crop circle-reply message of Seigo, a picture had appeared in another crop circle in a field area of Crabwood in Winchester, near the point where they had designed the previous crop circles…

Crop Circles Alien Messages

Depicts a person apparently an alien and beside him there is a round relief, like our CD and containing something like coded message! The programmer Paul Vigay that undertaken to decipher, noted with surprise that it was written in English and wrote: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing. 0x07” What is not specified in the message, is if the picture is depicting aliens who sent the warning message or those who senders consider dangerous …

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