Hitler and the Holy Grail: Nazi Search for the Holy Grail

Hitler and the Holy Grail, Nazi Search for the Holy Grail

Did Adolf Hitler believe in supernatural powers? It seems that the script of the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” found its inspiration directly from the “architects” of the Third Reich…

Moreover, In the popular movie of 1989, Harrison Ford, that embody the famous cinematic archaeologist INDIANA, fiercely battling the Nazis in his odyssey to discover holy grail. It seems that the reality surpasses even the most unbridled imagination, with the commander of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, visiting hurriedly Spain when wrongly thought that the Holy Grail was hidden in Abbey near Barcelona, but why they
the Nazis wanted the Holy Grail? Notorious Himmler was strongly believed that the holy grail it would help
Germany to win the war and it would give him supernatural powers!… A mysterious golden pot discovered in a Bavarian lake in 2001 has been the focus of interest for archaeologists and art dealers. Was this the real holy grail or not? No one we really knows…

Nazi search for the holy grail:
Nazi searched for the holy grail because of the potential benefits: not only would rewrite history, but would prove to all of the world that was indeed the superior race of all time. Nazi archaeologists wanted to prove the Aryan origins of Jesus, they brutally abusing History. Finally Hans Reinerth, Hitler’s beloved archaeologist, successfully proved the Aryan origins of Jesus. Christ was finally descendant of the Aryan race. In the exhibition “Dig for Germany – The Archaeology under the Swastika’ that hosted in Bremen, it becomes clear that two of the most powerful leaders of the Third Reich, Himmler and Alfred Rosenberg (the racist” philosopher “of Nazi ideology) had autonomous archaeological teams and competed against each other to see who can find the most ancient relics.

Hitler and the Holy Grail: Nazi Search for the Holy Grail

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