Indian Ancient Vimanas: UFOs Or Flying Machines?

Vimanas Ancient India

Many UFO researchers overlook a very important fact, the possibility of UFOs to exist already in ancient India and Atlantis! Some people in Roman times were circulating stories about unusual fire or wind weapons in India. The Vedas, (especially Mahabharata), ancient Hindu poems, thought to be the oldest of all the Indian texts, describe vimanas of various shapes and sizes. When Great Alexander was in India we have historical evidence of silver flying shields (UFOs), according to Ptolemaeus and Megasthenes (who also wrote the biography of Alexander). Alexander The Great And UFOs/ The Sanskrit word VIMANA is sometimes translated as temple, but more often as aerial ship, meaning a craft that flies high in the sky…

In some modern Indian languages, the word vimana means ordinary real aircraft. Ancient Astronaut Theory seeks to explain alien presence in the past linked with Ancient Aircraft. Were Indian ancient vimanas made by aliens or is just an ancient technology? Are ancient Greeks the creators of the vimanas? Indeed, there are a remarkable number of stories which involve the construction of flying machines. Within some of these stories, we find an interesting clue as to their possible source. In another set of eleventh century narratives, the Brihatkatha-lokasamgraha, carpenters are involved in the attempt to construct a flying vehicle. When asked by Rumanavat to build a machine which can fly, they reply that such aerial devices are only known to the all-knowing Yavanas” (sarvajnaa yavanaa, the Greeks). This is repeated again in the same story, with the suggestion that is kept as a secret by them. Another romance, the ‘Deeds of King Harsha’, from the seventh century, speaks of a flying machine made by a Greek who had been taken prisoner.

Indian Ancient Vimanas: UFOs Or Flying Machines?

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