Kuhikugu Secrets Of Lost City of Z In Amazon

Secrets Of Lost City of Z In Amazon

Kuhikugu the lost city of Z in Amazon: Supposedly located deep in the jungles of Mato Grosso region of Brazil! In 1925, explorer Percy Fawcett ventured into the Amazon jungle, in search of a fabled civilization. In lost city of Z, is said to have lived an advanced civilization with an intricate network of bridges, roads and temples. The obsession for the search of the city, began when a document discovered in which a Portuguese explorer, said that he had visited the city in 1753! The city of Z became even more famous after the disappearance of explorer Percy Fawcett, who disappeared in 1925 without a trace while searching the city.

During the years that followed, several other adventurers have died or disappeared when they try to discover the city. In recent years, a city known as Kuhikugu, discovered in the Amazon rainforest and showed evidence of engineering, which led many to think that this city can be the lost city of Z! Another way to explore the Kuhikugu secrets of lost city of Z in Amazon is by national geographic game Lost City of Z. Uncover the mysterious Lost City of the Amazon in addicting Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z Game…

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