Middle East Nazca Lines: Mysterious Wheels Of Jordan

Middle East Nazca Lines, Mysterious Wheels Of Jordan

Are thousands in number and spread over an area from Syria to Saudi Arabia. It can be seen only from the sky and is almost unknown to the general public. Who created these huge, mysterious wheel patterns in the Middle East thousands of years ago? The mysterious wheels of Jordan (Middle East Nazca Lines), considered by the Middle East archaeologists, to be more famous of those in the desert of southern Peru… Now, with the help of satellites in Jordan, researchers are learning new information about the mysterious figures, who seem to have their roots in a very ancient past. The coordinator of research of ancient history at the University of Western Australia David Kennedy said that the stone structures that we see in Jordan are more and larger in size than the Nazca Lines. Kennedy said: For thousands of years people have walked in these areas, without ever being aware of these structures”. Some of the wheels are found in isolation while others are clustered together. The most interesting question remains as to the actual use of these unusual structures, and the real mystery is how they built on the ground these invisible structures that are visible only from above.

Middle East Nazca Lines: Mysterious Wheels Of Jordan

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