Mysterious Trumpet Sounds All Around The World

Mysterious trumpet sounds all around the world

People all over the world they are hearing Mysterious sounds and recording them on video. Some of the loud noise actually sounds like a big trumpet. Is that the trumpets of revelation? A technology of the new world order (HAARP) so we believe in aliens attack? A magnetic pole moving in 2012? Or Nibiru is near? It gives the impression that the mysterious trumpet sounds are coming from directly overhead or directly underneath the earth Experts have said that there are rational explanations. An (expert) reported in video below and it is said that has a very logical explanation. The (expert) said: “Is very normal, is nothing to worry, it is just an electromagnetic noise.” Can you please explain to me Mr. expert why we were never heard sounds like those before on nature?

Mysterious trumpet sounds have been heard all around the world Videos:

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