NASA Sounds Of Planets And Pythagoras Music Of The Spheres

Nasa Sounds Of Planets

Centuries before NASA proves the existence of music in the universe, Plato called the music as the beauty of the universe and he said that “music is the movement of sound to reach the soul and to teach the virtue”, but, before Plato, Pythagoras of Samos, this great philosopher, mathematician, geometer and musician, had reached such a level of sensitivity to hear (not with natural ears) the agreement of the sky, the music of the celestial spheres as he called! As Iamblichus tells us, “On the Pythagorean life, 938 to 958,” Pythagoras used an ineffable divine and puzzling way so he can listening the secrets and the music of the universe.
The phrase “music of the spheres” refers to the intertwined relationship between the structures of music and those of the physical world. Pythagoras music of the spheres theory is come in existence with Nasa discoveries. Today Nasa give as another great discovery the sounds of the planet earth! The interaction of particles with the winds of Earth’s magnetic field produces a combination of sounds that are emitted into space. These secular songs heard and recorded by the twin RBSP satellites and NASA gave them publicity. NASA has released one of those refrains that the Earth “sang” on September 5.

Nasa Sounds Of Planets:

Pythagoras Music Of The Numbers In Universe

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