New Agenda 21 Commercial

Agenda 21 Commercial

How it is possible an international organization like the United Nations to pull advertising for the Impairment of Population Agenda (Agenda 21). For those of you who do not know, agenda 21 seeks to kill off over 93 percent of the world’s population, to get it down to 500 million. In the new agenda 21 commercial below an old woman says that the world can not survive with so many people, and more specifically about the ‘number of young people who are born. “As a excuse to justify the promotion of Agenda 21 is to “provide the opportunity for our children to live a good life”…

The Commercial shows elderly and middle-aged people to reiterate that they have lived a good life .. What the globalists mean by that? This is the new slogan of Agenda 21?

New Agenda 21 Commercial

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