Newgrange Tomb Ireland: Sun-Struck Passage Tomb

Newgrange Tomb Ireland, Sun-Struck Passage Tomb

The Newgrange tomb located some 30 miles north of Dublin Ireland. Newgrange is one of the oldest buildings made by human hands! Believed to have been constructed around 3.200 B.C…

It is seven centuries older than the pyramids of Egypt and as the locals happily boast at least 1.000 years older than Britain’s Stonehenge. Newgrange Tomb Ireland spiralsNewgrange is without doubt Irelands best known prehistoric monument and have been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Scientists describe this kidney-shaped ruin as a chamber tomb, but today Newgrange recognized to be much more than a passage tomb. Newgrange Tomb is only one of a series of such Neolithic burial chambers that lie Boyne river in Ireland. The entire complex, called the Bru na Boinne (Palace on the Boyne). The mysteries of Newgrange Tomb are many, we know to little about the people who built it and in whose honor they built this structure! One of the biggest mysteries is the significance of the labyrinth-like spirals that decorate the site. Even more intriguing to scientists is the knowledge required to create such of structures!

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