Sava Savanovic: Vampires Real Or Fake?

Sava Savanovic

Are Vampires real or fake? One of the most famous vampires of all time is, of course, Count Dracula.  The vampire stories has been a staple in books and film, but are vampires real in real life? Do they exist? No scientific evidence has ever been provided to support the existence of human vampires, but there are some well documented accounts that indicate they do. The local community council of Bagina Basta in western Serbia had warning the public that the vampire Sava Savanovic its again free in the area… Sava Savanović was said to have lived in an old watermill on the Rogačica river at Zarožje village. It was said that he killed and drank the blood of the millers when they came to mill their grains. The official announcement of the local authorities was collapsed when the old watermill, which it is said to have been the home of the most famous vampire of Serbia, Sava Savanovic. The old water mill became property of Giagkontits family, but they let the water mill devastated, because they believed that the maintenance will awaken the vampire. Mayor Miodrag Vujetic admitted: “People are worried, everyone knows the legend of the vampire and the thought that now his looking for a new house and potential victims have terrified us.” As a result Garlic sales increase… Another tourist trap or real vampire?  Many people in the area still believe he was a real life vampire even today.

Sava Savanovic Video:

Vampires Real Or Fake? The Real Count Dracula:

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