Is Shortness of Breath Quit Smoking Side Effect? Asthma Symptoms After Quit Smoking

Is Shortness of Breath Quit Smoking Side Effect? Asthma Symptoms After Quit Smoking

Is shortness of breath quit smoking side effect? The benefits to health start from within 20 minutes of you putting out your last cigarette, but kicking a long-term habit does not happen overnight…

Your body is addicted to nicotine, and nicotine completely clears the body within 72 hours. You may face a number of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms begin shortly after quitting, then rapidly increase in intensity until they peak somewhere between 48 and 120 hrs and after they begin to gradually weaken. Many people with asthma get asthma symptoms after quit smoking. This is because lungs are repairing themselves and the cilia (little hairs inside your lungs) are growing back. This makes your chest feel itchy and a feeling like you are not breathing properly.

Another theory says that stress is also a trigger for shortness of breath. You can get anxious by quit smoking, then your chest muscles can get tense which makes you feel like you cant breath. Another thing is that at least one of the chemicals in cigarettes actually acts as a bronchodilator that actually relieve asthma symptoms, but in long term, it damage your lungs.

withdrawal symptoms List:

Irritability and Aggression
Mild Depression
Poor concentration
Increased appetite
Shortness of breath
Coughing with mucous
Sore throat
Gaseous Stomach

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