Smart Card And Microchip

Smart Card And Microchip

A human implanted with microchips and Identification cards in the making. Smart cards, smart ID cards and smart credit cards. Smart cards are cards with embedded microprocessor chips. Most smart cards have been designed with the look and feel of a credit or debit card, but can function on at least three levels (credit – debit – personal information)…

The smart card it will act as a passport, health card, credit card, driving license card and card also to access the internet. All in one. A smart card is a mini-computer without the display screen and keyboard. Smart cards contain a microchip with an integrated circuit capable of processing and storing thousands of bytes of electronic data.

Mr Ahmadinejad will give to the Iranians an online identity and this is the same Citizen card that George Papandreou envisioned for the Greeks and exactly the same card that will be created by Putin for Russian people and so on…

Have you ever wondered how your life will be in the era of the “mark?” This film will help you to get a taste of what is going to happen in the next years.

Smart Card And Microchip:

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