Tiantan Park – Temple of Heaven and Tai Chi Chuan in Beijing

Tiantan Park - Temple of Heaven and Tai Chi Chuan in Beijing

If you really want to see the great Temple of Heaven and Tai chi chuan live here in Beijing, you should wake up early in the morning and take a taxi or a bus to go to the Tiantan Park

Tiantan Park is one of the biggest parks in Beijing. I went in Tian-tan Park in 6 a clock in the morning and I found that are many Chinese people that training in Ta chi chuan. Tai chi is usually translated as ‘great ultimate’ but this does not explain what the words mean. ‘Great ultimate’ is a reference to the yin yang process of dynamic balancing. Chuan means fist, boxing, or martial art. It was originally a fighting style that uses the philosophy of the grand ultimate. This ancient Taoist martial art is now also employed to promote health and longevity by using slow, flowing movements to develop relaxation, leg strength, and inner power. The Tian-tan Park is very beautiful filled with hundreds of trees, some of them are so old as 800 years.

Temple of Heaven is the first of the five sacrificial temples in Beijing. It was first built in 1420, along with the construction of the Forbidden City. The Temple of Heaven is something that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the famous Tiantan Park. The whole complex, provides a harmonious atmosphere. It took 14 years to complete. The Temple is divided by two enclosed walls into inner part and outer part.

Temple of Heaven and Tai Chi Chuan in Beijing

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