Undiagnosed LPR: Airway Reflux The Unknown Enemy

Undiagnosed LPR, Airway Reflux The Unknown Enemy

LPR (The Unknown Enemy) is a condition that occurs in a person who has gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In the case of silent reflux, the stomach acid not only rises up the esophagus but makes it all the way up into the larynx or the pharynx. What you don’t know can kill you…

Undiagnosed LPR is one of the worst things can happen. Silent reflux it is difficult to diagnose. Researchers believe that up to 40% of the population has LPR, but it goes undiagnosed for decades. Many Doctors misdiagnosing (Often LPR, GERD, Asthma and allergies linked to each other) LPR patients and think is allergies, sinusitis or post nasal drip and of course asthma. Did you know that asthma is one of the most common misdiagnoses because silent reflux mimics asthma? Many young adults have this too, but go undiagnosed for their whole lives.

My Personal Experience with Airway Reflux:
I had asthma when I was a kid, doctors don’t know which come first GERD or asthma. When I was 20 I sometimes noticed a loose bowel movement, mostly every time I was drinking milk or eating to much fruit. Then my asthma started to come back and at 24 after a couple cup of coffees I had my first gastritis attack. But to be honest I was feeling dizziness, upset stomach and shortness of breathe, but not pain so I didn’t know what it was, so I thought was an asthma attack. Long story short, I had this attacks ones or two times the year, with symptoms like I describe above and with other symptoms together like fast heartbeat (gastritis and asthma symptom), belching, clean throat often, weakness, pain in the back and so on. The first thing I did was to visit a Pulmonologist and after some tests and spirometry, he told me that I had an allergic mild asthma that I actually still have and that is linked with my Lpr reflux and my gastritis. But inside me, Iwas still worry, something was not right, the diagnosis was not complete. For many years I was worried without I have any idea what’s wrong with me and to be honest every time was flare up, was destroyed my emotions and plans. For me undiagnosed LPR is one of the worst things that can happen to you. If I at least had some heartburn together with all of the other symptoms, I would knew where to seek some help. After some years, more clear symptoms of airway reflux came more and more.

Symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux:

•Mild hoarseness.
•Sensation of a lump in the throat.
•chronic cough.
•Asthma and apnea.
•Sensation of mucous sticking in the throat and a need to clear the throat.
•Post-nasal drip.
•Difficulty swallowing.
•Sore throat.

Finally after a serious gastritis attack I went asap for endoscopy and the doctor said that I have gastritis, GERD-LPR and esophagitis. All this years, my asthma flare up my LPR and gastritis and my Lpr was worsted my asthma.

Let’s have a look how this airway reflux works. Normally when the acid reflux occurs Acid and Pepsin are released from the stomach and travel as fluid, but often in the case of LPR, aspirated into the throat, nose, mouth, ears and lungs. Pepsin is a very useful enzyme that help the stomach breaking down proteins. Outside the stomach it causes damage to cells and inflammation.

Undiagnosed LPR? Understanding Airway Reflux Video

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