Vatican and Aliens: UFOs and the Bible

Vatican and Aliens, UFOs and the Bible

Vatican and Aliens: The news may hit the world soon about the proof of aliens existence! The strangest part of this “announcement” is that it doesn’t come from the government, but from the Vatican…

The Vatican is attempting to get out ahead of the Extraterrestrial issues before the announcements by major world governments. Vatican is playing a leading role preparing the world for extraterrestrial disclosure and that’s really weird. In the Illuminati card game (that many of the cards with-in the game have came reality) there is also the “Alien Cards“. Who better to announce to the world that there really are aliens other than the Vatican?Illuminati card game Alien-2

Illuminati card game Alien

UFOs and the Bible: Documentaries like the “Ancient Aliens” and “Unsealed” advocating the idea that extra-terrestrials visited the earth in the past and were responsible for things like the building of the pyramids and so on… Is this theory real? Or the NWO making pseudo-documentaries from speculative alternate theories to confuse humans? This documentaries sometimes claiming that every miracle in religions and every marvel of the ancient world, could have been done by visiting aliens! This episode of Unsealed, regarding the UFO cover-up and the Vatican. According to UFO theorists, the Vatican holds the knowledge of extraterrestrial life for centuries and perhaps this is the largest cover-ups in the history of UFO. The Vatican and aliens existence is consistent with reports of secret discussions held at the United Nations that began in February 2008 and are still ongoing today. Extraterrestrial life is real? Or just a plan from secret societies like the Illuminati?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Some people think there is a connection between The Vatican and the aliens invasion. For me Vatican is help the NWO…

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